Roof Replacements in Blythewood, Winnsboro, Camden & Columbia, SC

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If you see missing or curling shingles on your roof or you notice leaks in the attic after a rainstorm, it may be time for a roof replacement. Wilson's Roofing Inc. offers residential roof replacements in Blythewood, Winnsboro, Camden, Columbia, SC and surrounding areas. We have more than two decades of reroofing experience, and we specialize in shingle roof replacements.

Our crew takes the time needed to perform a quality roof replacement to make sure your new roof will last. A roof replacement represents an investment in your home, so don't delay - contact us today for a quote on your reroofing project.

How to prepare for your roof replacement

How to prepare for your roof replacement

While we take extra steps to protect your property and avoid disrupting your routine, there are a few ways that you can prepare for the reroofing process. You may want to:

  • Alert your neighbors about the work: Let your neighbors know they should expect increased noise and traffic around your property.
  • Protect your exterior from falling debris: While we will cover your shrubbery to protect it, you'll also want to remove objects from the immediate area, including potted plants, hoses and patio furniture.
  • Prepare your interior for minor disturbances: Since hammering may cause vibrations in your home, you'll want to remove any fragile objects that are hanging from the ceiling or walls.


If it's time for roof replacement in Blythewood, Winnsboro, Camden or Columbia, SC, get in touch with Wilson's Roofing today. We'll give you a reroofing quote and get started on the project in no time.