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Gary L July 12, 2024
"I did a lot of research prior to hiring Wilson's Roofing because of it being a major project and wanting to be sure ahead of time. Well Wilson's roofing did not disappoint us, Mr. Wilson was very helpful in explaining details of all what was involved and my wife and I really enjoyed talking with him as he was friendly and glad to answer any questions. He had a large enough crew that they were able to put a new roof on in just one day and the workers all seemed like they cared about doing a really good job, and even though they had tarps covering the ground around the house even after they were done and took up the tarps I saw a worker going around picking up even small bits of old roofing material, they not only did a good job on the roof itself but made sure to leave the area very very clean afterwards. I myself did roofing for a very short while in my younger days so I am familiar with the roofing process and I was very impressed at how Mr. Wilson and his workers believe in doing the job the right way."